SOA, business regains control


Surely the main asset of an organization is information (or one of the most important), and therefore its treatment is crucial in business strategy. Of course ICT is the key to capture, store, manage, exchange and exploit information. And that’s why organizations invest important budget lines in ICT, carefully selecting the most powerful and / or appropriate technologies for their needs. But what good is using the best and latest technologies if we are not efficient in its use? SOA brings that efficiency to the ICT sector, and above all, to the adaptability of the business of organizations to the constant and changing challenges that continually face to improve their competitiveness.

The SOA strategy puts ICT at the service of the business

The integration of information systems in business organizations has evolved in the last decade until reaching a level of maturity and abstraction (first thanks to the second), which has generated a whole new trend in the ICT sector, where the own term “integration” has become obsolete and out of focus.

SOA represents the top of that evolution, and not only comes to solve the classic problems that wanted to solve EAI and other classical paradigms of systems integration, but opens the door to the alignment of technology with business, that “rosetta stone” so long sought, that allows breaking the technological chains of the business of the organizations. Often information systems and their technological and cost constraints set the timing and viability of the organization’s objectives: SOA makes it possible for business and technology to evolve independently.

Gone are the years when SOA was understood as a technological application design solution that promoted decoupling between presentation, business and persistence layers. SOA has grown and evolved. Contrary to what is often thought, web services are not required to be used in an SOA strategy, because not all technologies allow their immediate use. Now it is also a matter of protecting the investments made in the past, of achieving maximum agility in adapting the information systems to the business needs of the organization.

SOA is already an organizational strategy in ICT, which allows to decouple the business from the technology, to make the technology facilitate the adaptation of the business to the real needs of the organization, in an agile way and reducing costs.

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