Service Orientation as Interoperability Strategy

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I help Companies and Public Organizations to transform their systems maps into interoperable, scalable and cost efficient Information Ecosystems

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Who is Manuel Jesús Morales?

Manuel Jesús Morales

Manuel Jesús Morales


SME in Systems Integration, Interoperability and Service Oriention Strategy.



When Service Orientation crossed in my career, I rejoined my vocation for ICT. I have always supported the idea that technology should help society: companies and citizens. When I was commissioned to lead the Interoperability Strategy for the Andalusian Health Service, I had the pleasure to really help improve the lives of millions of people. Now I help companies and public organizations to transform their systems maps into interoperable, scalable, sustainable, cost efficient and business-oriented Information Ecosystems.



By hiring my services, you will get all my expertise in Service Orientation and Interoperability, Project Leadership, Training, etc. And besides:



This is my hallmark, I cannot help searching the maximum quality in everything I do. That’s why client’s satisfaction is always so high.


By joining your projects, I will reduce your costs, I grant you that. You won’t find a profile like mine, at such competitive rates. I am a very profitable investment.



Your information is safe. We will sign a non-disclosure agreement. The information you share with me is undisclosed information. Guaranteed.


Dealing with customers with different profiles, training and leading high performance teams, writing winning proposals, etc.

My services

I offer you excellence, high professionalism and confidence in these services


SME Consulting in Service Orientation


Pre-Sales Consulting


Training in SOA Strategy | BPMN | EDA


Winning Proposals Writing

Collaboration Models

We can explore collaboration opportunities under any of these models


Master Agreement

This is a declaration of commitment to collaborate in your projects, even though they may not be signed yet. We can include clauses for the other collaboration models.

Commercial Action

With my expertise and knowledge in Interoperability and Service Orientation Strategy, I can help you explain your customers about their huge advantages, so that you can acquire new customers and projects.

Closed Project

Do you have a project where my profile and skills leading Interoperability projects and Service Orientation Strategy fit? With a service provision contract I will join your project and increase your margin.


We can collaborate under any combination of the three models above. I will adapt to your needs.


Our agreements include a non-disclosure clause, or we can sign a previous NDA to protect the information you may share with me from the very first moment.


Read the testimonials about my work

With his capacity for analysis, the tranquility he conveys to the client and the whole team, his capacity for negotiation, he manages to implement really complex integration projects.

Diego Manuel Alonso Alonso

Director of Development and Infrastructures, Andalusian Health Service

Thanks to his humanity, empathy and commitment, we achieved success in our task generating a great motivation in all directions. He is a sure bet on your projects success.

José María Aguilar-Galindo

Consultant, Endesa

Great communicator with great knowledge in SOA integrations, as well as in the healthcare business.

Francisco Miguel Ruiz Alcántara

Consultant, Avanade

As a team leader he was a benchmark. Responsibility, seriousness and good work. A consummate professional.

Jesús Mendaro



These are some of the companies with which I have signed collaboration agreements

And these are some my main roles in these collaborations:

  • SME Consultant in Service Orientation Strategy and Interoperability
  • Project Manager
  • Sales Technical Consultant
  • Proposal writer

Not convinced yet?


By hiring my services, you get further advantages:

You will save internal expenses, workplace and material costs, Social Security payments, etc.

You will acquire an expert profile, with wide experience in key aspects of your projects and customers, at a significantly under market rate.


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I’m sure I can bring more value to your customers and your projects

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